Dillon Winters

A Plainsfolk Lalafell who stowed away on a ship destined for Limsa Lominsa.Fisher, business shark and brawler.Say hello - he's friendly enough.

Basic Information

Name: Dillon WintersAge: 30Gender: MaleOrientation: PansexualProfession: Professional fisher and trader. Up-and-coming brawler.Status: In a relationship with Yoyoqaru Momoqaru.

Roleplay Information

Looking For

- Friendship.
- Combative/sparring partners and/or rivals.
- Expedition work/travel groups.
- Fishing partners.


- Fishing stories and trips!
- Want to explore off the beaten path? Ask about it!
- Fish, trinket or other trade requests? He's got you covered!
- Ears that big hear quite a bit. Ask him what he's heard.
- Open to new business ideas.
- Frequent Ul'dah and know its local wines? You might recognize his discontinued brand...
- Frequent fighting rings? You might recognize the Demon/Devil of the Ring!
(For reference: Completed Endwalker.)

Usual Hangouts

- Mist apartment. (Friends of Dillon, feel free to drop in whenever!)
- Thavnair (Yedlihmad and Radz-at-Han mostly)
- In the wilds, usually close to lakes and rivers.
- Seedy hideaways.
- Fight clubs.
An (incomplete) list of favored lounges and bars to look for: The Rough Landing, Zero XP Lounge and the Gin Ironic.


- Pays extremely close attention to wine quality.
- Stutters and stammers when speaking about personal information.
- Wary of those wearing red and black. Expect dodgy behavior.
- Treads carefully in Ul'dah.
- Smokes when incredibly stressed.
- Not a fan of Moogles.
- Frequent people-watcher. Makes a point to remain hidden and not interrupt current conversations.


Canon Writings - Works found in-universe, whether written by Dillon himself or by others about him. These can be used as conversation pieces if desired.
- A Runaway's Journal(Only usable when found.)
- Lost in Ash (An article about Dillon's vineyard.)
Additional Writing - Works about Dillon that are meant as insight for his life. Unless spoken about, these cannot be used.- The Wine (The first perfect bottle.)

Out of Character Information

Discord on Tell!


- Although Dillon isn't, I am very shy. Feel free to drop in and start a convo if you see Dillon lurking somewhere!
- Would prefer to share Dillon's backstory through RP, but is available if you want to know more about him.
- Dillon does not know you immediately if we've spoken before on Twitter. Be reasonable when approaching.
- Must be 18+ for any romantic interactions.
- Dillon is slow to be romanced until sufficient friendship is attained!